Local Housing Needs – Planning Policy

For the purposes of deciding policy about planning matters, our district councils and the LDNPA use paper-based postal surveys to try to gain information from residents about the likely future wants and needs of communities in relation to housing. Sadly, these surveys seem to elicit little, if any, response from local residents and this lack of response seems to have been interpreted by the planning authorities as signaling that the future housing needs locally, are nil.

Some people believe that the postal survey method is flawed and this nil interpretation of its response is  incorrect. They assert that the lack of response to paper/postal surveys is caused by cynicism about the policy-making and planning processes and by a belief that the effort to respond to such surveys is unlikely to result in response to the wishes of residents. In any event, a postal survey of existing residents, even if everybody responded, can take no account of people presently living elsewhere who might wish to move back to or to come to live in the area.

For the sake of the future welfare, shape and even the very existence of our towns and villages, it is vital that the future needs and aspirations of communities are accurately understood by the planning authorities, so that schools, roads, housing and other social infrastructure is maintained or created to allow the natural and organic development of communities to take place. 

The Parish Council is keen to know about your views on this and on other local issues. This website provides a new way of gathering and spreading information and opinions. Please use the facility on this page to post your views on and to discuss this particular issue, as well as any others that you might wish to open to a community debate.

Specifically, what do you think about the postal survey outcome? –  Does the almost nil response, to the surveys previously conducted, really mean that none of us can see a future need for more housing in Embleton and District?  – Not even low-cost family homes to help our young people to stay and to participate in their local community?  – Not even small-scale infill developments to help our community to fill-out and to grow and to enable local services to prosper?  – Not even to bring-in new full-time residents to enrich our communities? – Not even to prevent an inevitable slow decline of our communities to a virtual National Park museum, housing an overpriced stock of of old vernacular buildings and a community of the old or wealthy ?

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