Council Minutes and Notices


Draft Minutes of the Most Recent Parish Council Meeting

For the avoidance of doubt readers are please asked to note the following caveat in relation to minutes published here:

For the sake of topicality, immediacy and relevance the Parish Council publishes here the  “unapproved”  draft minutes of the most recent of its meetings.  These minutes will not normally be  “approved”  until the next meeting of the Parish Council and therefore, are not the formal minutes of record.  The minutes published here may contain unintended errors or inaccuracies  and therefore may be subject to correction and amendment at the next meeting.

Draft Minutes Embleton & District Parish Council 24th June 2020

Draft Minutes Annual Parish Meeting Embleton & District May 2019 (Will be approved at the Annual Parish Meeting in May 2020)

Draft Minutes Embleton & District Parish Council Annual Council Meeting 2019 (Will be approved at the Annual Council Meeting of Electors in May 2020)

Agenda for next meeting (posted one week before the meeting)

24th June Embleton Agenda 2020

Agendas for previous meetings:.

Agenda 4th March 2020 Agenda 29th Jan 2020 Agenda Nov 2019
Agenda Oct 2019 Agenda Sept 2019 Agenda July 2019 Agenda June 2019 Agenda May 2019 Annual Council Meeting May 14th 19
Annual Parish Meeting AGENDA 2019 Agenda April 19 Agenda March 19 Agenda 20th Feb 19 16th January 2019 Agenda Agenda 21st Nov 18
Agenda Oct 18 Agenda Sept 18 Agenda July 2018 Agenda 20th June 2018 Embleton & District Parish Council Monthly Meeting Agenda 23rd May 2018 19:30 Annual Council Meeting 23rd May 2018 Agenda
Annual Meeting of Electors 23rd May 2018 AGENDA  Agenda April 2018 Agenda March 2018 Agenda Feb 2018 Agenda Jan 2018  Agenda Nov 2017
Agenda Oct 2017 Agenda 20th Sept 2017 Agenda 19th July 2017  Agenda 21st June 2017 Agenda 24th May 2017   Annual Parish Meeting AGENDA 
ACM May 17 Agenda April 2017 Agenda 15th March 2017  Agenda 15th Feb 17 Jan 17 Agenda  Nov 16 Agenda
Agenda 19th October 2016 Agenda Sept 2016 Agenda July 16 Agenda June 16  APM AGENDA 2016  Agenda May 16
 ACM May 16 Agenda April 16 Agenda March 16  Agenda Feb 16 Agenda Jan 16  Agenda Nov 15
 Agenda Oct 15 Agenda 011015  Agenda Sept 15  Agenda July 15 Agenda June15  Annual Council Meeting May 15
Agenda May 15 APM Agenda 2015  Agenda April 15  Agenda March 15  Agenda  Feb 15  Agenda Jan 15

Clerks Reports 


Jan 20 Clerks Report Nov 19 Clerks Report Oct 19 Clerks Report Sept 19 Clerks Report July 19 Clerks Report June 19 Clerks Report
May 19 Clerks Report April 19 Clerks Report March 19 Clerks Report Feb 19 Clerks Report  Clerks Report Jan 19 Nov 18 Clerks Report
 April 18 Clerks Report May18 Clerks Report June 18 Clerks Report July 18 Clerks Report Sept 18 Clerks Report Oct 18 Clerks Report
March 18 Clerks Report Feb 18 Clerks Report Jan 18 Clerks Report Nov 17 Clerks Report Oct 17 Clerks Report  Sept 17 Clerks Report
July 17 Clerks Report June 17 Clerks Report May 17 Clerks Report April 17 Clerks Report March 2017 Clerks Report  Feb-17-clerks-report
Jan 17 Clerks Report Nov 16 Clerks Report Oct-16-clerks-report  sept-16-clerks-report July 16 Clerks Report  June 16 Clerks Report
May 16 Clerks Report  April 16 Clerks Report March 16 Clerks Report Feb 16 Clerks Report Jan 16 Clerks Report  Nov 15 Clerks Report
Oct 15 Clerks Report  Sept 15 Clerks Report July 15 Clerks Report June 15 Clerks Report  May 15 Clerks Report  April 15 Clerks Report


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