Parish Maintenance

This page provides residents with an easy and straightforward means of bringing to the attention of the Parish Council any matters relating to the infrastructure and facilities of the parish and to the safety, security and wellbeing of residents and visitors.  This may include such things as vehicle parking, nuisance, vandalism, street-lighting, footpaths, verges, potholes, pruning, drains etc. .

The Highways Hotline.

If you have a concern about something on the highways network, a pot-hole, flooding, a blocked drain etc., then call the Highways Hotline num-ber, 0845 609 6609, and report it.

Having rung the above number you will be asked to choose a district, for Allerdale press 1 and then a locally based operator will ask what you wish to report. You will be asked where the pot-hole (or whatever the concern is) and try to be as accurate as possible, for example: outside the entrance to Dale Farm on the B5233 or use a post code or map reference. You will also be asked for your name, post code and telephone number.

Recent experience has been good with concerns being dealt with within a week so please don’t hesitate to use the Highways Hotline number:

0300 303 2992 or visit

Alternatively please contact the Parish Clerk via 

Your post will be discussed at the next meeting of the Parish Council. The council’s decisions/actions may be seen in the council minutes available on parish notice boards and on the Parish Council page of this website.    

5 Responses to Parish Maintenance

  1. R. Petecki says:

    Requests from residents:
    Salt/grit bin at the bottom of the hill, this side of Isel Bridge
    Also near to Kirkhouse Farm and on the road to Dunthwaite House.

  2. Adrian Furniss says:

    I live at Howe End cottages. On numerous occasions I and other residents who live at this end of the village (Embleton) have walked up the the hill between Howe End and the Derwent lodge. In the daytime this short journey generaly causes no problems, however at night and in particular, winter nights, that short journey can be very tricky. It is impossible to see the edge of the kerb in the pitch dark. I consider it safer to walk down the road, this in itself brings its own dangers. Could I propose the sighting of a street lamp perhaps halfway between the Derwent lodge and Howe End. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    • embleton says:

      Thanks for raising this Adrian. The matter will be put forward for discussion at the next meeting of the Parish Council on 14th September. You will be able to check the results via meeting minutes published on this website

  3. embleton says:

    You may have been following this via the Parish Council minutes but to complete the picture I post here the outcome:
    Allerdale District Council was approached with a request for the installation of street lighting between the Derwent Lodge Hotel and Howe End. After some delay in the availability of the appropriate District Council official caused by the effects of the severe winter weather, an investegative site meeting took place involving the District Council and David Brown of the Parish Council.
    At the time of the meeting, it seemed likely that it would be possible to install some lighting at the relatively modest cost of making a connection to an electricity supply and with the District Council happy to support by providing the lighting columns and the ongoing cost of electricity. This was, however, dependent upon there being a convenient nearby electricity supply.
    Unfortunately, a subsequent survey has revealed that no such electricity supply runs alongside or close to the road in question and to install one would cost in the region of £12,000/15,000. Accordingly, for the time being, no funds of this magnitude are available for street lighting in this location and the Parish Council has defered further action.

    • Charley Wareham. says:

      The aquisition of a head torch / hand torch would illuminate your journey and eliminate the need for any further action ,thank goodness there was no supply close by to enable connection to take place .

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