Old Photographs

 Share Your Old Photos:   

This page contains local images from yesteryear. Would you like to share your old photographs of our locality, community or past events by publishing them here? If you would, please contact David Brown 76622 or email: administrator@embletonparish.com . Digital images are easiest to handle but Printed photographs can be scanned and the originals returned.        

Little is known about some of the old photographs here so it would be appreciated if any members of our community who are able to provide information about the photo’s, (what is going on in the image, where and when was the photo taken and who is in the photo etc.) would contact the site administrator, David Brown – 76622 or email: administrator@embletonparish.com . Alternatively, post the information in the reply box at the bottom of this page. The information will be added to the websitesite.   

Embleton School circa 1930


Embleton School sometime in the 60’s. Could be someone is leaving and receiving a tea set. The adults are; Miss Wynne, the Infants’ Teacher, Miss Lyndon, Headmistress and Maggie Marston?, Dinner Lady.


A fancy-dress event: - Once something of a tradition. - Embleton always loved fancy dress. Its thought Bill Hewitson, Robin Teasdale, Clem Chester and Billy Hinde have been spotted


The little blackboard says Embleton & Wythop 1901 (or 1861)






Open-air service at the ruins of the old church at Kelsick


Embleton School Maypole, early 60's


Mayday celebrations, Embleton School, - Early 60's


Embleton School Nativity. Sheila Wilson praying hard.


Village or Church outing. - Where/who?


Who's the postman?

6 Responses to Old Photographs

  1. Fiona Dooley (Nee Walker) says:

    Great photos whoever put them on thankyou, the 8th photo showing the church group singing, the lady in the white coat is my auntie and the tall good looking chap stood next to her (with the staff) is my grandad Tom Walker he used to live at close farm in Embelton lovely too see.

  2. Jan Applegarth says:

    What great photographs. Local folks who come into Mandell’s Coffee Pot on Monday and Wednesday mornings would love to see them I am sure. Please get in touch if you could bring them in as many do not have computers.
    I am not a facebook user – just useless!

  3. cockerpost70 says:

    Postmen used bicycles from roughly the 1920s until the 1970s. The photo somehow looks a bit 1940ish to me. Any more postal info would be of interest to the Cumbrian Postal History Society.
    Mike Mapleton (Chairman – Cumbrian PHS)

  4. Any old photos of the Coxon family who lived in Embleton right through the 1800″s. The patriarch Richard Coxon lived next to the quarry and finished his days in 1877 aged 71 after he tripped returning home one night and fell into the quarry, leaving his second family.

  5. Margaret Huntington (nee Todd) says:

    So glad I found this page I grew up at Low Abbey Farm so the pictures brought back special memories particularly the ones of the old church services which I remember attending so well. Keep up the good work!

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